How the Paciello Group aka TPGi demages digital accessibility

TPGi and its parent company Vispero are systematically destroying the market for screen readers. At the same time, TPGi in particular is damaging digital accessibility.

After being bought by Vispero, TPGi began to systematically push Jaws and Jaws-related products such as Jaws Kiosk and Jaws Connect onto the market.

Since then, the company can no longer be taken seriously when it comes to digital accessibility.

TPGi systematically makes false statements about Jaws such as "World's most famous screen reader". VoiceOver clearly occupies this place on iOS. It sells products designed to optimize for the Jaws screen reader. TPGi is intentionally and deliberately harming people who don't use Jaws. What's particularly bad is the aggressive marketing of Inspect, clearly a product designed to harm other screen reader users. Just because a product works with Jaws Inspect doesn't mean it will work with other screen readers.

It remains a mystery why a deserving company has sold itself so completely to a corporation that has nothing else in mind than to make the most of blind Jaws users. I wouldn't hire TPGi for accessibility. 


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