How accessible are the exams of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)?

Shouldn't an organization that promotes accessibility pay special attention to ensuring that its offerings are accessible. At least IAAP doesn't seem to think so.

The questions are phrased in misunderstanding-provoking language. For non-native speakers, the exam is hardly accessible.

In addition, there are intentional traps built in. Answers that are wrong but sound right are built in. Another barrier for people whose native language is not English.

Therefore, the exam is also difficult for people whose native language is not English. The IAAP does not care about that either.

It is possible that this is intentional. Because that's how IAAP can get the most money out of people. Those who fail are allowed to take the expensive exam again. A nice way to rake in a lot of money.

Cognitively diverse people cannot pass the test. The questions are intentionally misleading.

If one fails the test, one does not get any clues: How many points one has achieved? Which questions did one answer incorrectly? In which areas do you have deficits? How is one supposed to improve in a targeted way?

My impression is that IAAP does not care much for disabled people. That's not out of the ordinary. Among many accessibility experts, a paternalistic attitude toward the disabled is common.

I emailed the chief, Mrs. Evans on this issue. Mrs. Evans did not dignify it with a response. So much for respectful treatment of the disabled.

Why I left the IAAP


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